Vegetarian Samosa (1pc)


Aloo Tikki (Large Size 1pc)


CROWN Samosa Special

two samosas served with chickpea curry, onions, mint & tamarind sauce


Papri Chaat

papries, potatoes, onions, chickpeas, mint & tamarind sauce topped with yogurt & chaat masala


Veg Cutlet

5 potatoes veggies & choosa rolls served with mint & tamarind sauce


Aloo Tikki

Two Potato cakes served with chickpea curry, onion & sauces


Mix Vegetable Pakoras (crunchy)

mixed vegetables batterd with chickpea flour fried, served with mint and tamarind sauce


Channa Bhatura

north specialty 2 deep fried bread served with chickpeas, pickle & salad


Cauliflower (Gobhi) Pakora

cauliflower dipped with chickpea flour fried served with sauces


Paneer Pakora

Homemade cheese with mint sauce filling dipped lightly in chickpea flour and fried


Egg Curry

Boiled eggs cooked traditional north indian style with masala gravy


Chicken Pakora

Chicken pieces marinated in spices, battered lightly in flour and fried


Fish Pakora

Freshly marinated fish in chickpea fried along with mint sauce

Tandoori Jalwa

Chef's Special Platter

Malai Tikka, chicken Tikka, Fish Tikka & Seekh Kabab


Seekh Kabab

Special minced chicken wraped around a screwer and cooked clay oven


Chicken Tikka

Marinated boneless chicken, cooked in clay oven


Malai Tikka

Boneless marinated with yogurt cream & herbs sauce


Tandoori Chicken (1pc | Half | Full)

Boneless chicken marinated with yogurt & spice, served with mint sauce

$2.00 | $8.99 | $15.99


Served on a hot plate



Served on a hot plate


Chilli Goat

Served on a hot plate


Vegetable Biryani

Indian Basmati rice cooked with fresh Vegetable and our signature spices


Chicken Biryani

Tender boneless chicken cooked with basmati rice spices


Goat Biryani

Boneless goat and fresh vegetables cooked with basmati rice and spices

Vegetarian Dishes

Masala Dosa

South indian dish, cropped with potatoes & onion stuffing along with watery curry and coconut chutney


Dal fry

Yellow lentils with tadka of onions, tomatos


Veg Chowmein

indian style chinese noodles cooked with chunky pieces of assorted vegetables


Channa Masala

a famous north indian dish with chickpeas in a thick masala gravy


Veggie Manchurian

Chinese style deep fried vegetable balls in a soya sauce based gravy


Dal Makhani

Black lentils cooked in cream & butter. A must try!


Baingan ka Bharta

fresh minced egg plant with onions, tomatos & spices


Matter paneer

a combination of green peas & homemade cheese in masala gravy


aloo ghobi

cauliflower and potatoes cooked with our spices


jeera aloo

potatoes stir fried with spices & cumin seeds


palak paneer

pureed spinach with spices & chunks of homemade cheese


dum/kashmiri aloo

stuffed potatoes with homemade cheese, raisins, cashews in yellow tangy sauce


shahi paneer

soft homemade cheese cooked in creamy tomato sauce


malai kofta

homemade cheese & vegetables balls cooked in our special blended sauce


bhindi masala (seasonal)

okra cooked with tomatoes & onions


navratan korma

a medley of mixed vegetables cooked in white creamy sauce


chilli paneer

indian cheese cooked with sauted vegetables in spicy chilly sauce

Non Vegetarian Dishes

Chicken Curry

chicken pieces cooked in desi indian stlye


Non-Veg Chowmein (noodles)

Chinese noodles cooked in indian style with boneless chicken pieces


Chicken Vindaloo

tender chicken boneless pieces cooked in south indian style in tamarind sauce, coconut, ginger & herbs


Butter Chicken

boneless chicken cooked in rich tomato butter sauce


Chicken Tikka Masala

Marinated boneless chicken cooked in medley of yogurt, garlic, ginger & spices


Karahi Chicken

Tender chicken pieces cooked with green peppers, chunky tomatos, onion and masala gravy in a special wok(karahi)


Goat Curry

Tender goat pieces cooked in special sauce in traditional north indian style


Goat Vindaloo

Tender goat pieces cooked in south indian style in tamarind sauce, coconut, ginger & herbs


Karahi Goat

Tender goat pieces cooked with green peppers, chunky tomatos, onions & masala gravy in a special wok(karahi)

Bread Naan

Tawa Roti


Tandoori Roti


Plain Naan


Butter Naan


Garlic/Methi Naan




Onion Kulcha Naan


Paneer Naan


Lachha Paratha


Stuffed Paratha

choice of aloo, mixed stuffing, paneer, mooli, cauliflower

Soups & Salads

Soups of the day



Side Orders



Plain Dahi(yogurt)


Raita (bonndi/cucumber)




Masala Chai

indian style tea flavoured with masala


Mango Shake

chilled milk based drink with mango flavour


Mango Lassi

chilled yogurt based drink with mango flavour

Value Meals

Meal for Two

2 samosas, butter chicken, channa masala, basmati rice, 2 naan breads, raita, 2pc gulab jamun


Meal for Four

4samosas, butter chicken, channa masala, karahi chicken, 4 naan breads, raita, basmati rice, 4 pcs gulab jamun


Meal for Ten

10 samosas, butter chicken, channa masala, chicken tikka masala, jeera(cumin) aloo, 10 naan breads, basmati rice, raita, 10pcs gulab jamun


Lunch Buffet (11am - 2.30pm)


Dinner Buffet (4.30pm - 9pm)

sunday dinner buffet only